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My First Steps in Emotional Intelligence

My First Steps in Emotional Intelligence

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"My First Steps in Emotional Intelligence" is an activity that focuses on the development of 3 fundamental aspects in the emotional education of your children:

💛 Recognition of emotions

💛 Developing a sense of gratitude

💛 Reflect on kindness

 Recognizing and identifying emotions is the foundation of emotional intelligence. This activity is created to help your children (ages 2-6) build positive habits and develop a mindful mindset. It is a pause in the play time to reflect in a didactic and efficient way.

 What are the benefits for my children?

It is proven that mindfulness and reflection exercises can be started as early as 2 years old and the benefits are innumerable. When we give our children spaces for reflection with tools like this, we are helping them build habits that will positively impact the rest of their lives.

Who can do the activity?

It is ideal for children from 2 to 6 years old.


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