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About Happy Cami

It all started with some stickers of smiley faces that my grandfather gave me when I was 10 years old. He told me: "so you can give to others."

Since then, everywhere I went I had my stickers of smiley faces and I gave them to people. My stickers have accompanied me in all the important moments in my life such as birthdays, graduation, wedding, travels.

My grandpa is no longer in this earthly world, but without a doubt, this was one of the most important pieces of his legacy. Without knowing it, when he gave me that pack of smiley faces, it awakened in me a passion to give, inspire and share Happiness.

In all these years I have given more than 100,000 smiley faces stickers to my family, friends and strangers (and counting). I realized the power that this symbol of Happiness has but also the daily struggle that so many people have in the "persuit of Happiness."

For some years now I have dedicated myself to study Happiness as a science, what makes people truly happy and understand how from my own passion I can help them with practical tools on that happy path that life is.

When I became a mom, I realized what an important piece today's children's education is missing. According to science, 50% of our happiness comes from our genes, 10% from life's circumstances and the remaining 40% from learned behaviors like our thoughts and choices and this large percentage is in OUR CONTROL!

I believe this 40% is where education plays a fundamental role, if we as parents educate ourselves with tools, strategies and if we manage to positively change our habits; we can also educate our children with a positive view of life.

My mission is to transform together the way in which the next generations perceive happiness.


Thanks for joining me on this adventure!