Mind power for children

Thought patterns are formed from childhood to adulthood. We do not see reality as it is, but as we think it is. And here the internal dialogue is fundamental because it helps us to interpret that reality and make decisions.

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What they say about HAPPY CAMI®

"I absolutely LOVE the children intention cards! Great positive messages and cute images! My 3 year old enjoys picking one in the mornings and repeating. This would be nice gift and very different. It’s nice that they are in Spanish too!"

- Brenda Arce (Miami, US)

My daughter loves the affirmations and wants to read them every night. We can play different things and has helped her to start reading. Definitely worth it 👌

- Cesar (Switzerland)

"I absolutely adore these cards. Very high quality cute design and precious message <3"

- Ana Ofelia Arbaiza (Miami, US)

I got the Happy Cami affirmations for children. A daily gift for them. My child love them and I enjoy to empower him with messages like I'm happy or I do my best, those affirmations have an impact in his day. He is a 3 year old.

- Monica Tellez (Miami, US)


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